Alcohol Degree 45GL°35 cl, 50 cl, 70 cl

Moments Last Longer? Triple Distilled o Burgaz Göbek Rakı you are about to enjoy is made out of Suma which is distilled from hand-picked raisins, produced by distillation of anise, ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and suma obtained by distillation of specially selected raisins in traditional copper small-batch rakı stills. GÖBEK RAKI is ready for the presentation with the most pure and delicious version. o It is also called Hub part which preserved all qualified taste and smell. o Qualifed water and ideal density of water are being used to produce GÖBEK RAKI. o The product of distillation process is distilled two more times to mellow and demineralized water, sugar added. Aged 90 days in special tanks exposed to oxygen-enriched dry air.

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