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Q: Which alcohol type is the Rakı is distilled from?

A: In accordance with the Turkish Food Codex, at least %65 of the final product must be grape alcohol while Rakı is being produced. For the remaining %35, ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin is used.


Q: Which type of grapes are used while producing grape alcohol?

A: Grape alcohol can be produced from all kinds of grapes. The important is that the quality of the alcohol produced and which grape you would like to taste as your taste.


Q: Is there any difference in quality between the Rakı produced from fresh grapes and the one produced from dried grapes?

A: Because of the carrying its own aromatic flavor the fresh grape is more prominent in produced Rakı, brings out close tastes to grape.


Q: Does the quality increase as increases the amount of grape alcohol content of Rakı?

A: Grape alcohol has its own taste. Increasing the amount of the grape alcohol just changes the taste of that Rakı.


Q: Can we use another raw material instead of wheat to produce ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin?

A: Wheat, barley and sugar beet are the most commonly used raw materials for industrial purposes within the borders of our country. It is possible to produce alcohol from these raw materials too. However, the quality of the produced alcohol is different in different raw materials and the alcohol carries the aromatic taste of the raw materials. For example, unwanted flavors and odors can be obtained from produced alcohol from sugar beet pulp and the quality of the product produced may be reduced.


Q: Is the sugar in Rakı a sign of something?

A: One of the accepted phenomenon in the alcohol industry, the proportion the sugar added to the final product gives the information about the alcohol quality used in making product. The better the quality of original product, the lower the sugar requirement.


Q: Is there a Rakı without sugar ?

A: There is Rakı without sugar which is a marketing strategy.


Q: Why Rakı makes headache ?

A: During the distillation of alcohol in the stills for Rakı production some by-products are emerging which are called front volatiles. These volatiles have a taste that is unique to them which gives different tastes to Rakı. By-products can be used at certain ratios to give mentioned flavor to the final product. When these by-products consumed in Rakı are entered into the body, they try to transform into the gas with the effect of the body temperature and cause the veins to expand and contract. This situation in the veins too causes headaches.


Q: What is Göbek Rakı?

A: Göbek Rakı is the Rakı raki produced without the use of by-products during Rakı production.


Q: As the sugar content in Rakı increases, does it trigger headache?

A: Factors affecting headache are the use of by-products that occur during production at the last product. Increases the calories consumed per unit due to the energy that sugar contains and allows the alcohol to mix to the blood more quickly in the body.


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