The first integrated automated distillation facility that produce it’s own alcohol from wheat in our country, TURKEY.

Use of 7 progressive distillation and short-term fermentation technologies which avoid of harmful alcohol derivates.

The water from Bey Mountains which presents same taste at each bottle is filtered with reverse osmosis system and offers alternative products that present different taste with diferent anise density usage.

RUSSIAN Vodka Production Technique is being used as a production discipline in our facility.

We are one of the two alcoholic beverages company that produces DISTILLED GIN in TURKEY.

Due to the real particular application of carbon filters, pure and neutral light palate vodka provide pleasent taste by distilling elements cause bad smell and taste.

SILVER filtration technique is applied in vodka production in addition to the ACTIVE CARBON filtration.

Four our VODKAS and HARE 41 Herbal Liqueur; honey is being used instead of refined white sugar as sweetener.

  • Our mentality of the institutional social responsibility mission is responsible to deliver future generations wastefulness while consuming the Earth s resources.
  • Based on the principles for sustainability and sustainable development, including 4 interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture mission, our agricultural origin production wastes such as wheat bran, grape marc, and anise waste are being evaluated by our company.
  • These wastes are used as an animal feed and fertilizer by recycling.
  • The water is used for watering and cleaning after being recycled in our water treatment plant.
  • The packaging products used in our products are collected by "Çevko Foundation" that we are a member of and are recycled by licensed firms.

Other wastes formed during the production such as nylon, glass, plastic, paper, waste oils, batteries, etc. are collected in the defined areas in our facility prior to recycling by 100% licenced recycling companies.

Operation of line and systems of equipment in addition to make an appropriate raw, sub and end materials are controlled by our quality control function with wide perspective.

In order to catch corporate targets and increase the effectiveness of the quality management system, determined measurable deliverables are being checked periodically by our well-educated employees. Shall be revised in accordance with the terms of the day.

Our Research & Development department researches domestic and worldwide markets prior to develop new products and conducts benchmarking studies, then create original, genuine products after laboratory studies and sensory analysis are being  conducted.

Our one of the first aim is to present quality flavours by providing food security with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) System. While producing "TOPKAPI RAKI" and other products, we do provide same taste in each bottle distilled as a result of producing our own alcohol with selected grains instead of supplying from different places.

"ANTALYA ALKOLLÜ İÇECEK" has been awarded to receive ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Certificates as a result of successfully completed all controls performed by "TUV AUSTRIA COMPANY" in 28 October 2009.

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